Who we are

Alfa ES is the largest service provider for the students all over the world in eastern Europe and Baltic countries. Our aim is to help young foreign students to get adopted to the countries lifestyle, culture in non english speaking environment who come to get higher education and to make the students feel comfortable and guide them in day today need until they get adapted.

Our company is one of the most renowned Institutions for higher education placement in the Eastern European and Baltic Countries. We have unparalleled expertise in finding the best possible programs for each individual student and thus ensuring their future success. Our goal is to provide strategic resources and services in order to get the student adapted to the countries lifestyle and culture as well as its educational system. Our mission is to guarantee that every student who passes through our doors reaches the fullest potential that they possibly can. We provide crucial and timely support in an environment where students undergo constant challenges such as the language barrier and guide them day to day life.

We Alfa ES have 15 years of experience in finding the perfect programs for students and have rendered our services for more than 2000 students from all over the world. We have the biggest network for students placement and services and our representatives are located in south East Asia, Maldives and Europe. We are affiliated with universities in Republic of Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Georgia and Bulgaria. Our aim is to shape the direction of change of students’ lives.

Many individuals imagine that going through university is the greatest challenge in life. However what they do not realize is that in reality the most demanding challenges are faced after uni life. In today’s job market, finding a job that suits one’s educational achievements is difficult. Unlike other recruiting agencies, we do not abandon our students after finishing their higher education. We are connected with various institutions all over Europe which allow us to carry out skill migration and enables our students in achieving the career path of their dreams. In addition to guiding students through university life, we are able to guide them after university as well, by helping them in clinical attachments, internships and even job opportunities.