Our goal is to provide high quality services. We are very grateful to our clients for thust and positive reviews concerning our cooperation.
Alfa ES service is pretty great. We were received by Alfa ES officials at the airport. We were given free meals the first two days. In the following days Tanya took us everywhere; showed us the malls, finished our registration processing, took us to all the polyclinics to do the medicals and showed us our neighborhood. Everything was done in the first week and we began classes in the second week. Tanya never gave us a chance to feel lost or confused. She is basically our parent in Belarus and we love her.
Aishath Anaa Hifaz
Grodno State Medical University-1st Year Student
Very good service. We got help with everything we needed, and it's nice to know that we can still ask for help with anything if we want to .Thank you a lot for all the help.
Aishath Layal
Grodno State Medical University-1st Year Student
The services provided from the time we came out from the airport and until now are really good. Coming from Minsk to Grodno, getting to know around the new city, completing all the documents, getting all medical tests done are just few services provided. I really appreciate all the help I got from Alfa ES team from the start until now and for all the help I will be getting from her in the future.
Ahmed Shabin
Grodno State Medical University-1st Year Student
We have been provided with the best services here in Belarus from the time we arrived at Minsk airport until now. Appreciate the work of Alfa ES team a lot.
Mariyam Aalaa
Grodno State Medical University-1st Year Student
I'm a 5th year student at Vitebsk State Medical University in Belarus. I would say the education offered us here in our university is unparalleled and quite excellent. The people we meet, and the culture here has embraced us with open arms and us them. However the challenge studying in a country like this is the language barrier and the different systems, rules and orders they have for different procedures. This is where Alfa ES team came in. Before we left Sri Lanka we were given a good pep talk and a good background of the place and university by Dr. Dharangan. Although he ensured that we were as prepared as possible to face the challenges here, it's quite a different story to actually experience it for the first time. In that sense Alfa ES team ensured that we were taken through the correct procedures, helped us in overcoming the language barriers and saw to it that all our needs and requirements were accomplished. Now after 5 years here, I would say that without the preliminary introduction and all the help given to us by these three, we would never have gotten through our first year or enjoyed our stay here so much.
Sasini Ranasinghe
Vitebsk State Medical University-5th Year Student
I am currentlystudying in my fifth year atVitebsk State Medical University. I would say that with the options that were there for me, to come to Belarus and choosethis university to study medicine was one of the best decisions I have made yet. The knowledge, the experience that the university provides is exceptionalandthe entire universitystaff including the professors arefriendly and always helpful.
    Looking back at my first year I think it was life changing to come abroad and to live a whole different life away from home.Since the decision to come to Belarus was made, from the visa procedures to what notDr.Dharanganhandled promptly andpreparedus before coming here explaining how and what life in Belarus would be with the language and cultural barrier andhere in Belarus we were helped by Alfa ES teamwho made it their responsibility to make sure that we were settled and we did not face any troubles. They have helped me throughoutall these years whenever necessary and I believe that without their help my life here in Vitebsk could have turned out for the worst.
OvadiDe Silva
Vitebsk State Medical University-5th Year Student
ImHiruniRajasekeraa final year undergraduate student of 2017batch.ImfromKelaniya, studied at Bishops college Colombo-2.
    Becoming a doctor was one of my child hood dreams. I was searching for a well-recognized and trust worthy agent for a medical university after my A/Ls, I found a place called International Medical Campus (IMC) were I was directed to Vitebsk State Medical University Belarus, place where I get more than enough benefits and facilities for what Ipay. The first personimet wasDr. DharanganBakthaseelan.
    From the day I step to the place until I was departure from Sri Lanka Dr.DharanganBakthaseelan, hisassistanceand other officers at IMC did every single thing regarding university(setting up all visa, translating documents ,invitations and all)I didnt have to worry about anything, they did a good job.And this made my parents not to think twice about my decision and about IMC.
    When I landed in Belarus atfirst, Ifelt so lonely and sad because I had to leave all my loved ones back inLankaand come to a newplace, whereI dont know anyone.butit was a wrong thought ,because as soon as we came out of immigration we metAlfa ES team  and memberof university foreign department.
    And they took us to the hostel and arranged our accommodation, provided us food for 3days, helpedus with shopping and with all that we need to settle down here.Within three days we got university registration andwasable to attend classes without any delay.
    Now it has been six years in this country but sometimes I still seek the help of IMC,speciallyits representatives Alfa ES teamin help regarding university. They are still helping uswithout any hesitant thinking that Im a final year student.
    IbelieveI was lucky to come through IMC. IMC has a well experienced well known people atVitebsk, thereforeuniversity always gives first priority for IMCagent.
    Im so great full for each and every one for being there for me as well as for every single student study in VSMU.
Vitebsk State Medical University-6th Year Student
I look back at my six years inBelarus with immense affection and nostalgia. I commenced my studies at VSMU in November 2011. Ive learnta lot during this time and harbor many a fond memory from my stay here.
    Dr.Dharangan(the head of IMC) was a pillar of strength to both me and my parents during this time.From the time I started my university applications,he was always just a phone call away.My parents sought great solace in his very articulate natureand the genuine concern he displayed for all the students he was responsible for.
    Vitebsk offersyouthe chance to embrace acultural diversitywhich I cherished very much. You learn to become an independent, responsible individual with a broader perspectiveoflife.A good balance between a goodclinical exposure in Sri Lanka and thorough studying in Belarus will ensure you a sound foundation to sit the exams in Sri Lanka.
    Im pleased Ichose VSMUfor my undergraduate studies and I wish IMC and all its students the very best with their future endeavors .
Vitebsk State Medical University-6th Year Student
My name isHussainMustafa, 20 years of age. I wentto BurhaniSerendibInternational School. Currently, I ama 2ndyear student at Vitebsk State Medical University.
    Id first like to say that no words of gratitude can possibly express how grateful I'm to IMC and Alfa ES teamsfor all the help youll have given me. It is wonderful that youll would never ignore the call for help of anyone and that you are attuned to the concerns of even the smallest individuals who are in the state of struggle.
    Deciding to become a doctor is definitely a hard choice, but if you have the will, determination and the right guidance,itsnot that difficult afterall. And thats exactly what I had. I knew I wanted to become a doctor, but as a student, there were a million questions going in myhead. Which country do I go to? Which university should I enroll myself into? The fee structure, the educational curriculum,extra curricularactivities available, living standards and what not did I think of! As soon as Ifinished my A/levels,I started going through articles about agents who help students to study medicine abroad and I remember coming across an article about International Medical Campus(IMC).It seemed different from the other articles. It was simple, yet very convincing. The next day my parents and I went toIMC and there we met Dr.Dharangan. He was such an amazing person. Friendly, kind, honest and with a great sense ofhumor. He indeed made deciding everything much easier.He gave us an insight into 15 or more universities and did not fail to miss a single point! A few days of visiting and finally I decided I wanted to study at Vitebsk State Medical University.From enrollingto the visafor the country, hetook care of every single documentation process. My parents were very satisfied with their work level.At the day of departure I went to thank him for all that he had done, and he assured me that as I reach Belarus, his team will be there to support me at the time of need.
    As I landed in Belarus, I metAlfa ES team  and member of the foreign department of the University who came to receive us.I arrived at the hostel in a horrible emotional state, carrying with me the fear of living in a foreign land with no one to call family. As I walked into the hostel door I immediately felt welcomedAlfa ES student coordinators  and their smiling faces. They ran towards me andhelped withmy luggage and within that moment we introduced ourselves. They inquired about me and my long journeyand they listened calmly as I narrated the entire journey to them. I was already made to feel like home.
    Till now, they have helped me a countless number of times, and I still ring them up if Ineed their help and they will always be ready to help. Be it at late at night or early morning, for something that youcantfind at your local supermarket or for the need to go to the hospital, they were always ever ready for assistance.
    I want to modestly tell you how much I value the fact thatIMCis there to listen and to helpus and that they have never failed to live up to our expectations.
Vitebsk State Medical University-2nd Year Student
Having completed myA`levelsin Brunei Darussalam, I returnedto Sri Lankalooking forward to join a Medical University at home or abroad.One day, as I was peering through the newspapers I came across a particular article about an organization that helps place students in multiple Medical Universities across the world. This caught my attention and I immediately called them up to make an appointment the very next day.At the appointment, my parents and I were greeted by pleasant educational advisors who spent more thananhour explaining, understanding andproviding us with a wideselectionof universities with all the information I needed that would otherwise have taken me days to search online.
    These were very meticulous individuals who knew what they were doing. Within a week we had decided that I would be going to Vitebsk State Medical University in Belarus.Dr. DharanganBakthaseelanhelped us with attaining certain documents and further counseling to get my placement at the university. Within weeks all preparations were made and I was off to Belarus. In Belarus other students and I were received at the airport byAlfa ES team. They helped us get settled down in Vitebsk, from placing us in the university hostel to shopping for stationary and clothes. They assisted me with any questions and requestsI hadand havecontinued to do so for the past3 years.
Mohammed TuanReedznanJamaldeen Samath
Vitebsk State Medical University-3rd Year Student
Im Kasun Fernando, currently studying in the 3rdyear of the MDprogrammeat VSMU Belarus.I studiedat Leeds International School and I am from Colombo.
    Medicine isnt quite like other degrees, so forget two hours of contact time per week and one essay per term. Learning begins at the atomic level about the biophysics and chemistry in year one, and ends with the macroscopic a real person who is sick and needs treatment, stat.They are valuable livesthat we are taking charge of at the endof the day; therefore the place and environmentyou study Medicine must be a great one.
    As I was searching for a university while I wascompleting my last stages of Advanced Level examinations, I came across International Medical Campus (IMC) where I chose Vitebsk State Medical University to continue my higher studies.
    IMC guided and assisted me extremely well throughout the whole process,startingfrom the admissionto the university, getting theuniversity invitation, document translations and every other detail the needed to be attended to,till I landed here in Belarus and even after.
    Studying abroad away from home and the loved ones isnot at alleasyas we all know; you hardly know what to expect.Its with great pleasure that I mention that IMC took charge of us just like oursecond parents here just as soon as we landed, from the documentation work at the immigration department at the Minsk Intl. Airporttill today.
    Alfa ES teamand a few other representatives of the foreign department at VSMU gave us a warm welcomeand took care great care of usby setting up our accommodation, made sure we were comfortable with the environment and checked on all theother documentation work atVSMU that needed to be done. The transition from home to Belarus was definitely a smooth one.
    Since day one till today, IMC has been taking great care of all of us, made sure all our problems were solved andthat environment for studying Medicine was not disturbed.Alfa ES staffandmany other graduates of VSMUand seniors are always there for us to help without any hesitation for any matter.
    I guess it was a privilegecomingthrough IMC since they always try to give their maximum to the students andsince they have a staff thats well-experienced with handling students and other common matters that needs to be looked into.
Its been an amazing experience here in Belarus so far and looking forward tomany more.
Kasun Fernando
Vitebsk State Medical University-3rd Year Student
My name is Kethmi Navodya. I am a first year medical student at Vitebsk State Medical University. Ever since I got a stethoscope on my 3rd birthday from my beloved grandfather, I set my goal to become a world class medical doctor.
    Since adolescence I had the passion of studying medicine in a world renowned medical school situated in the beautiful continent of Europe. Vitebsk State Medical University was my first and last choice. Hence, upon completion of my Advanced Level examinations, I started scouting for a trustworthy agency who can help me with the university administrations and other procedures.
    After reviewing many agencies, I chose International Medical Campus (IMC) as my agent; given the fact that the staff of IMC are the most experienced and friendly of all.
    Dr. Dharangan Bakthaseelan is the leading officer of IMC.
    Until I landed in Belarus, the team of Dr. Dharangan kept in constant touch with me and aided me with all the necessary processes for my admission, translation of my documents, etc. Though the process of applying for a medical university is very time consuming and strict, the staff of IMC did not put a single burden on me.
As I left my family and travelled thousands of miles to Belarus, I acknowledged the fact that I will be very much new to a foreign land.
    However, I met Alfa ES team situated in Belarus helped me out with each and everything I needed to do as a fresher to Belarus.
    Graduates of VSMU, student coordinators are very helpful for me and all the other juniors of the university. The family-like acquaintance with them makes everyone feel very safe and well aware of everything. It makes me very happy to know that entire team of IMC treats me and all of my colleagues like their own relatives.
    It is my personal view, that IMC is the best and most and trustworthy agency in Sri Lanka for conducting medical university administrations and other related procedures.
Kethmi Navodya
Vitebsk State Medical University-1st Year Student
My name is Vydeesh Sivakumaar. I am a 4th Year medical student in Vitebsk State Medical University (VSMU), Belarus.
    I have always worked very hard towards my dream of becoming a medical doctor. Gaining admission into a medical university was just one of the steps of achieving my goal. Me, my brother with our parents were inquisitive in finding the best possible options to manifest this dream and it was then when we came across the International Medical Council (IMC). Here we were referred to Vitebsk State Medical University (VSMU) in Belarus, and we were convinced that it was the best option for us. From the decisive moment of applying for admission to the first day of the academic year in the university, everything was a hassle free journey for me and my brother as well as our family. Right from the documentations and visa proceedings in Sri Lanka to the transportation from Minsk airport, hostel accommodations and the university admission; everything was well taken care of by the IMC officials in Sri Lanka and the IMC representatives in VSMU, Alfa ES team. We were well groomed for the life we were going to commence as medical students and we felt home with them; in a country more than 3000 miles away from our motherland. Irrespective of the fact of whether it is a first year or a final year student, they are always available for us. Last but not the least, I would like to thank IMC for not only providing the best platform to make our dream a reality, but also granting us a home in a far away land
Vydeesh Sivakumaar
Vitebsk State Medical University-4th Year Student
Since the time I was a little girl, I dreamt of being a doctor. It was my one and the only ambition throughout. Beginning of year 2014, I realized it was high time I changed my dream into a planso I started doing my research.
    When I started searching for a good university along with my parents, it felt like a huge query to be solved. I wanted a good university that would offer me a medical degree which would be acceptable in my country Sri Lanka, and an affordable one which my parents could financially support me with.
    I seeked for help from an educational agency, International Medical Campus (IMC). IMC was very helpful. They suggested me, Vitebsk State Medical University of Belarus, the country famously known as White Russia. I dreamt of studying in a country that has the four seasons, and I knew instantly my dream was going to come true.
    Soon, I didnt have to worry about any document work: application forms, registrations, translation of documents and more, as all of them were taken care of.
    Now I am studying in my third year. I have loved my stay here and am really happy with the education I receive here. Its a very friendly atmosphere as there are lots of fellow Sri Lankans studying here, which makes me feel at home. Weve got our own Sri Lankan Students Union and together we organize and celebrate all the important festivals just like in Sri Lanka (Avurudhu, Diwali, Christmas and many more), so theres never a dull day here in Vitebsk.
    I'm very happy about the decision Ive made about my future. Whenever I need help, I still seek for help from IMC representatives, which is Alfa ES, here in Vitebsk. I feel that my future is in safe hands, and I believe thats how any student would always want to feel!
Y. Hiruni Siriwardena
Vitebsk State Medical University-Student